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Here at Drone Vision Adelaide, my goal is to use the latest in aerial technology to give you, the customer, a new frame of reference - one unbound by gravity. If you can envision it, I will work alongside you and create something extraordinary. Whether it be a simple photo or a large scale business promotion, I am ready and willing to offer my services at an affordable price. Get in contact today for a free quote and let me turn your vision into a reality!

My Abilities

Whilst I am a fully accredited pilot with CASA, there are some legal limitations I must abide by due to the nature of drone flight in South Australia.  

  • I must fly below a height of 120m

  • I must fly at least 30m away from the general public

  • I must fly outside the take-off zone of large controlled airports (Such as Adelaide Airport, Parafield Airport and the Edinburgh RAAF base)

  • I must fly during daylight hours 

    Please note: For locations within 5.5km of controlled airports, the Mavic Mini 2 drone will be used. This has some small differences to other drones which can be explored in the HARDWARE page. 

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About ME

Hi! My name is Joel and I am the owner and pilot here at Drone Vision Adelaide. I have been flying drones for over 7 years and am an aerial photography enthusiast, with a passion for drones and the creative freedom they offer. I work full time as a paramedic, meaning my overheads in this business are minimal - as such, I can offer the same (and better!) professional quality of my competitors, at a fraction of the price. 

I believe that customer service is key to a good business, and my aim is to work alongside my customers to understand their vision and then use my skills and technology to turn it into a reality. Whilst other companies charge thousands of dollars for aerial photography, I love what I do and am happy to provide high quality images and video at a heavily discounted price.


Contact me today and let me turn your vision into a reality!


0406 423 254

Fully Accredited CASA Pilot

ABN: 43671791592

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